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Medical Billing Services

To provide error-free billing services, medical billing companies need expert back-office support in the healthcare industry. An error-free bill ensures that all medical services will be fully reimbursed and results in clean file submissions. We have expertise working with medical billing to provide a variety of back-office support services.

Our professionals remain current with the constantly changing healthcare laws. Despite changing regulatory requirements, we produce high-quality services by combining our most recent knowledge and expertise.

We rely on cutting edge technology as a specialist back-office service provider to cut down on operational backlogs. This increases the likelihood of making more money.

We Cut Through Medical Billing Challenges to Keep the Revenue Flowing. Here's How.

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Detailed Healthcare Back-Office Service Procedure We Adhere To

Medical Billing Process

Medical billing is the process of submitting and following up on claims with health insurance companies or government-funded programs to receive payment for healthcare services provided to patients. Medical billing involves several steps, including:

Patient registration and insurance verification - The First step of our Support Process is to obtain the patient's personal and insurance information to verify eligibility and coverage for medical services.

Capture Patient Demographic Data - We gather all the crucial demographic information, including gender, date of birth, ethnicity, zip code, and blood type, and then we separate it for efficient record-keeping and additional research.

Charge entry - Our Experts enter the codes, along with the services provided and correct dollar value, into the billing system to generate a claim.

Claim submission - Before electronically submitting the bills in their appropriate format, we run quality checks to ensure that all the data complies with the payer's requirements.

Payment posting - We check to see if the amount paid by the payer matches what the doctors charged in money. The medical billing system then receives the payment via electronic posting.

AR follow-up and Denial management - Our skilled team follows up with insurers to find out the details behind short payments or payment rejections. To support the invoice and request a larger refund, we use the EHR.

Comprehensive Reporting - To properly assess incoming cash flow, we evaluate your electronic health records (EHR) and deliver important reports and insights. A thorough Explanation of Benefits (EOB) statement is included.